2018 Review

I didn’t do a year in review post last year due to the blog hackery that occurred and my lack of desire to clean up that mess. Life: Overall a good year. Kids are growing like weeds and we didn’t have to do anything major to the house. Emily stopped working in 2017, which has been liberating–we no longer have to worry about who stays home when a kid is sick, etc.

New Old Keyboard

I worked at Amazon for less than a year before I switched to an ergonomic keyboard. My wrists were already in tenuous condition after 10 years working at a grocery store, and once I started typing all day long, I started feeling the burn. I used several incarnations of Microsoft Natural Keyboards over the years, and while they helped my wrists, I noticed my posture was suffering–I tended to clench my shoulder blades together.

Security Theater

Today, with almost no training, I successfully picked open a lock. I inherited a cool, old midcentury desk from my grandparents. It has two sliding doors with a push button cylinder lock. I am not sure anyone ever had a key for it, but if they did, the key is long lost. A little over three years ago, my son accidentally pushed the button, locking the desk. A locksmith wanted a minimum of $80 to come out and open the lock.

A Brave New World

Late last year, I discovered that someone had hacked into the Wordpress blog that I’d hosted for years on a Dreamhost server. It took me awhile to clean up the mess, and I took the opportunity to simplify things by leveraging systems offered by my employer. For starters, I decided to switch to a static website that could be served up from an Amazon S3 bucket, rather than requiring its own server.

Instant Pot, week one

We joined the Instant Pot revolution last Sunday. Here is a run-down of the recipes we’ve tried, in the order we tried them. Beef Stew. I deviated from the recipe by using a whole can of tomato paste, and by skipping the wine and parsnips. I also substituted chicken broth for beef broth. It turned out great and we’ll definitely make it again. Easiest beef stew ever. Chicken Yum Yum.

2016 Review

I am sure I am not alone in thinking that 2016 was a very strange year. Not much to report, but definitely looking forward to 2017. Travel: We took family vacations to Vancouver BC in February, Santa Barbara and Disneyland in March, and Cannon Beach in September. I went to Hyderabad for work in June, followed by a week in Berlin (and one day in Luxembourg). And I went to Kennewick for work in October.

Disneyland, take 2

We went to Disneyland in May. This is our first trip with two kids, and second overall. Here are my notes from the first trip. Hotel: We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance, and I’d definitely stay there again. It was closer to the park entrance than the Disneyland Hotel, and at least $100/night cheaper. Our room had bunk beds for the kids and a separate bedroom. The waterpark was fabulous and I think James liked it more than Disneyland.

2015 Review

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions! I usually make a couple dozen resolutions and track them carefully. But this New Year snuck up on me. Life: This year has been about figuring out how to live with two children. I don’t know how any couple survives more than two kids. The first kid is difficult, but manageable. Adding another kid is exponentially more difficult and less manageable. Three kids? No f’ing way.

It's Your Store

I worked for Albertsons for 10 years, between 1989 and 1999. In those days Albertsons was a company run by good ol’ boys (emphasis on boys). Once, my Store Director pulled me aside and informed me that “women just are not cut out to be leaders. Never forget this.” The men who worked at the district office took obvious pride in being tyrants. They would publicly berate store employees if there was a single item misplaced during a store visit.

Today's food for thought

Why has human progress ground to a halt? - Michael Hanlon - Aeon.