2018 Review

I didn’t do a year in review post last year due to the blog hackery that occurred and my lack of desire to clean up that mess.

Life: Overall a good year. Kids are growing like weeds and we didn’t have to do anything major to the house. Emily stopped working in 2017, which has been liberating–we no longer have to worry about who stays home when a kid is sick, etc. and being able to focus on my job has been beneficial (see below).

Fitness/Health: Still a struggle. My doctor yelled at me in July and I managed to put together a couple of solid months of regular trips to the gym and a decent diet, but as usually happens, I got sick combined with a work trip and fell out of habit. What else can you do? Keep trying.

Work: I was presented with a huge opportunity in the middle of 2018 to manage an organization comprised of four teams spread across two countries. I told my boss that, no matter what happens, it will likely be the last job I do for Amazon. I hope it ends well! I am coming up on 20 years at Amazon, which is more than a little staggering. As I write this, there are fewer than 150 people globally who have worked for Amazon longer than I have.

Travel: We took family trips to Vancouver BC in February and Cannon Beach in September, and a big family vacation to Maui in April. I went to Toronto twice (once in April and once in October) for work, and also went to Hyderabad, India and Cork, Ireland. My new job will take me to Toronto four times per year, so that Global Entry/TSA Pre-check enrollment fee will pay off quickly.