2015 Review

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions! I usually make a couple dozen resolutions and track them carefully. But this New Year snuck up on me.

Life: This year has been about figuring out how to live with two children. I don’t know how any couple survives more than two kids. The first kid is difficult, but manageable. Adding another kid is exponentially more difficult and less manageable. Three kids? No f’ing way.

Fitness/Health: Completely off the wagon, possibly due to having one more kid to worry about and keep up with

Travel: I went to Costa Rica in February, and to Beijing in August (both for work). I went to Los Angeles for a friend’s birthday in September. We took a big family vacation to Washington D.C. in June, which was the most epic/awesome family vacation so far. I think James would prefer going to D.C. than to Disneyland! He loved seeing the giant pandas at the National Zoo, the Air & Space Museums, and the Washington “Mommyment”. He loved playing at his friend Gabe’s house. He loved the hotel. It would not be hard to convince him to get on a plane for 5 hours to go back.