What I did on my winter vacation

I took December 25 through January 2 off work, and accomplished quite a bit:

  • Celebrated Christmas (three times, technically).
  • Started pruning an ornamental fruit tree that hasn’t been pruned in the five years we’ve lived here–it is a mess!
  • Pressure washed the parking areas and front walkway.
  • Installed our new kitchen faucet (which took a lot longer than I expected, and was a great learning experience with several skinned knuckles along the way).
  • Started patching the walls and ceiling in our master bedroom in preparation for (finally!) painting it.
  • Did a lot of cleaning, laundry, and dishes. I am reminded how much time is required to live remotely cleanly with two kids and two full time jobs, even with a bi-weekly visit from a housecleaner.
  • Had a couple of “treat” lunches at Firefly Creperie, Marination Ma Kai, and Super Deli Mart.
  • Cooked a couple of fun meals–a quick ‘n’ dirty stir fry was especially nice.
  • Took down the Christmas lights and put all of the decorations away for another year.
  • Cleaned up (not cleaned out, sadly–but still, progress) the garage.
  • Shot a lot of photos.