2014 Review

Life: my daughter Nina was born on July 4. A food blogger I follow wrote the best description of having a second child:

First babies are amazing for the absolute awe they inspire. When you’re an adult, not all that much feels new anymore, but a first baby makes the whole world new again. When O was born, I felt like my world had been cracked open and a flood of emotions and experiences I never could’ve predicted came rushing in. You change when you have a baby. Your marriage changes, the daily rhythm of your life changes, your feelings about your career change, the way you view the world changes. It’s amazing, but also really, really hard.

A second baby slips into your life like a soft breeze. She nurses and sleeps and wakes and poops and makes little squeaky noises and around her, our life continues on much like it did before. A second baby is like someone you already know finally showing up. There you are, I thought, when she was first placed on my chest all wet and warm and staring right at me, of course.

And there’s a feeling of victory with a second baby, isn’t there? Not only did you survive the first one, but you chose to do it all over again and this time you feel like you know what you’re doing. The hiccups won’t kill her and there’s no need to burst into tears every time she does; if you put either breast milk or aquaphor on it, it will clear up; just breastfeed whenever and don’t worry about how much they are or aren’t eating or what their poop looks like; life won’t be like this forever, it will get easier.

I don’t want to say much about them, but I definitely don’t want to forget the challenges. It hasn’t been easy, but the rewards are amazing. James is growing into a smart little boy so quickly, and watching him try to figure out the world is fascinating. Just the other morning, I was watching the movie trailer for “Selma”, and he overheard it and started peppering me with questions. Imagine the mental gymnastics required to explain the civil rights movement to a 3.5-year old!

Fitness & Health: ugh, I am a wreck. I last tracked a run in May. And while I struggled to keep a regular CrossFit schedule before Nina was born, things completely disintegrated after she was born. I have not exercised regularly since summer.

Travel: Lots of work trips: I went to Cork and Edinburgh in February, Beijing in April/May, and I topped it off with an overnight to scenic Kennewick, WA. For family vacations, we went to Santa Barbara and Disneyland, Cannon Beach, and Vancouver B.C.

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