Fun with home improvement, the saga continues

When we moved into this house, we used the third bedroom as a junk room/office. It had green walls. From time to time, I thought about painting, but never did–probably because I knew it would only be temporary. We’ve now turned it into the little girl room:

  • We filled in all of the holes and imperfections in the walls. The walls in this room were really beat up. The closet was once a cedar closet, so there were dozens of nail holes.
  • We painted the closet interior, ceiling, and floor moulding “extreme white”–basically a can of Behr paint with no additional color.
  • We painted the walls “silverberry”, but not without mistakenly applying a full coat of “gothic amethyst” (darker purple) before realizing that I’d bought the wrong color.
  • We replaced the floor moulding in the closet.
  • We replaced the three electric outlets and replaced the light switch with a dimmer.
  • We replaced the classic mid-century cheap-o light fixture with a chandelier. The chandelier is a plug-in model, but we wanted to hardwire it, so that was (ahem) a learning experience.

The photo below makes the room look dark, but I’m really pleased with how it all looks now.